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The importance of waterfalls and other aquatic elements in your pond is two-fold -- waterfalls create an aesthetic paradise while they functionally oxygenate the water and thus keep the pond water fresh. Waterfalls are particularly popular apart from their beauty because they announce themselves with a soothing, babbling water sound.

Pond landscaping kits include a complete set of accessories as well as directions on waterfall installation. Kits also provide special pumps and tubing that will help circulate this aquatic landscape. Waterfalls are most easily installed at the same time as the artificial pond. Before digging commences, check with your utility company about underground lines and pipes. Your electrician should install a ground fault interrupter for the pump feature. Try to situate your pond so that natural elevation and boulder placement enhance the flow. Make sure your PVC liner reaches all along the waterfall's path in order to effectively reroute water and avoid leakage (the liner can be held in place and hidden with smaller rocks).

Fountain statues for your pond are another aquatic feature that can be installed through the guidance of a do-it-yourself kit. As with waterfall installation, carefully follow instructions and consider possible hazards before you begin.