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You can find great landscaping design ideas anywhere, just look around! What kinds of shapes draw your eye? Is a color calling out to you? Enamored with a certain type of plants? Or perhaps you are more interested in the end function of your new landscape. Perhaps you could install a patio and barbecue for great times in the summer! Or perhaps instead you could install a stone path through gardens for peaceful meditation by a lily pond.

When you have plotted everything out in preparation for landscaping, it's time to begin the creative process that will give it life and zest! First you should decide what function your landscape will serve. After that, your ideas for foliage arrangement and the like will follow, necessarily suiting the desired function.

Two major aspects to take into consideration when planning are color and form. You can use color to foster a mood from peaceful and meditative to dramatic and grandiose. Another function of color is to aid the transition of one area to another. The consideration of form helps to define the landscape's sense of space, and also to give impressions through careful attention to shape. These factors can be augmented by hardscape features such as benches, rocks, trellises and water, resulting in a totally personalized and fantastic landscape setting.

If you're still finding it difficult to decide, you may find helpful ideas from many places on the internet, as well as landscape design books at the library, magazines at the store, and TV stations like TLC and HGTV. And if you want immediate professional assistance in the matter of designing your home landscape, you can hire professional landscape designers and landscape architects to suggest or plot out ideas for making your yard a masterpiece.