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Becoming a Landscaper

The landscaping trade is a flourishing industry that encompasses a variety of employee levels, depending on educational status. The foundational employment opportunity within the landscaping industry is to be a member of the landscape crew--a job that is ideal for those who enjoy working outdoors and performing assigned tasks with precision and speed. Landscape crews carry out all the manual labor from planting to mowing to mulching.

The next level up, a landscape designer is a professional who generally deals with private homeowners in planning all aspects of the project before any manual work commences. If you think of yourself as a rational organizer and visionary, the job of a landscape designer will certainly appeal to you--that is, if you are dedicated to pursuing a Master of Landscape Design at an accredited college.

A landscape architect shares many of the talents and dreams as the landscape designer, but aligns his work with larger public projects and developments. Designing plans for shopping centers, parks, waterfront developments, campuses and historical sites is this professional's strong suit.

Weaving experience and education at any level of landscaping will lead you up the professional ladder toward a solid and gratifying career. Perhaps you may even find yourself in the head office owning your own landscaping firm. If you're skilled at recruiting, managing and delegating, keep up the track to the top!