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Tips for Budget Landscaping

To guide you along the way of "do-it-yourself" landscaping we've provided a few tips for maximizing value and creativity and minimizing maintenance on a realistic budget. Take notes!


Try to keep in mind that budget landscaping is not about being cheap with your money, but about getting every inch of value out of that dollar. Stay patient and flexible in searching out bargains and deals on plants and architectural materials so that you avoid full price whenever possible.

Tip 1: Rather than rashly purchasing plants from an expensive professional landscape nursery, try meandering through the garden/landscape section of your local discount department store--if you are open-minded and steadfast, there are great sales to dig up! Don't forget, however, to be on the watch for insects and general plant health when bargain plant shopping.

Tip 2: Check out online auctions on sites such as eBay to see if any plants up for bid fit your design and price requirements. Be sure to note the seller's ratings to get a feel for the plant quality since you can't judge it in person.

Tip 3: Take your time and have patience. Following Mother's Day the price of flowers steadily declines until the end of June. While the selection will be reduced and the bedding plants may need added attention to revive, you can find great deals! Try sprucing up roots with "Superthrive."

Tip 4: Start your own compost bin in an edge of your backyard. You can cut down on waste and save money on fertilizer. The internet and your local library's gardening section can help you through the process of composting for your landscape.


You don't have to give up on a beautiful landscape design just because you can't afford professional landscape accenting. With a little ingenuity and shrewd use of recycled materials, your garden landscape will be inventive, interesting and full of character!

Tip 1: Rummage through your attic and garage to find unsuspecting treasure that will pepper your garden will household panache. From an antique rusty wagon to an aged and charming yard ornament, around-the-house knick-knacks can give your garden a unique touch.

Tip 2: Settle in on the grass with your kids and paint over shabby clay pots. It doesn't take perfect artistry, only a bit of imagination and the completed colorful pottery will be perfect to speckle your landscape with. Container gardening is always a nice feature of small outdoor spaces.


While it seems self-evident, many people neglect to regularly upkeep their landscaping tools. Tool maintenance will increase the lifespan and effectiveness of landscaping tools and save you the money of frequent replacement.

Tip 1: You must always drain your hose, coil it and store the hose off the ground for the cold winter months.

Tip 2: Winterize your lawn mower by draining (or using up) the last bit of gas and oil and then wiping down all the surfaces (including the air filter, mower top, underside and blades). It's a good idea to add a thin coat of oil to the blades to stave off rust. In the spring, you will need to clean or replace the spark plugs of your lawn mower.

Tip 3: Take care of two of the most important landscaping tools--your hands!! Always use gloves to safeguard yourself from coarse surfaces and apply a thick moisturizer frequently to prevent chapping.