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Rocks and stones prove to be wonderfully functional architectural elements of your landscape design. While they indeed enhance the beauty of certain rock garden or desert landscapes, rocks and stones are an ideally durable material for hardscape features like pathways, walls and ground covers. Rocks and stones are practical parts of landscape design in drought prone climates. Gravel and rock gardens conserve the water that would be wasted on dry region lawns. Flag stones are good for pathways and patios, particularly in colors that complement patio furniture and paint of your home. Granite boulders are perfect for water landscaping such as waterfalls and also increase the height of gateway features. Retaining walls of stone raise up flower beds as well and define landscape perimeters with all the beauty of antique architecture of France and Ireland.

Rocks and stones certainly do boast ornamentation as well as purpose. Innately handsome, rocks and stones manifest themselves in a variety of sizes, shapes, hues and textures. Lava, or volcanic rock, for example, has accented ground covering for centuries. Boulders rather serve as vertical focal points, especially when they are dramatically carved or carved into. While stones certainly unleash or stunt water flow accordingly, they are also used aesthetically in water landscape design. A Japanese dry garden makes similar decorative use of rocks.