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Lighting adds a whole new appealing element to your landscape. Let's consider some advantageous uses of landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting enables you to highlight plant and hardscape focal points. If you so desire, you can add drama or romance to your landscape with the proper lighting. Landscapes look very different at night, and the right lighting can lend the scene an enchanted feel.

You should certainly consider lighting pathways, driveways and walks. This will make them safer for nighttime walking. Patio landscape areas benefit from festive lighting arrangements. Your landscape could be a nighttime entertainment hot spot among your friends! Also seriously consider flood lights for wide areas of your landscape in order to deter criminals.

There are a few basic choices in lighting, and your prospective uses will dictate what you should buy.

As previously mentioned, lighting can provide added security. Flood lights provide bright lighting, covering large portions of yard, garden or landscape. Direct lighting illuminates areas such as porches, decks, etc.

Increasingly popular are low voltage lighting kits, which are easy for do-it-yourself landscapers. They provide soft light -- just enough for garden paths or accent lighting. You can use low voltage lighting to foster a romantic evening atmosphere.

If you're looking to save on your electricity bill, consider solar lighting. These are a bit more expensive off the bat, but will save you money in the long run. And installation is simple, as there is no wiring to speak of!

Contact a landscape profession for assistance in choosing a lighting setup that will bring out the best in your landscape design.