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Applying sensible pool landscaping and maintenance principles will keep your pool area tidy, entertaining and stress free.

First, when considering the above-pool landscape, account for trees that seasonally slough off greenery. Deciduous trees, for example, are an undesirable pool area landscaping choice as they shed leaves, twigs and other organic matter when the wind picks up as well as in the autumn. Avoid choosing trees with large trunks that will eventually grow heavy branches over the pool. Pick smaller trees that are hardy in your zone. Those who live in a warm climate may choose to landscape with palms around the pool since these trees leave little organic waste, grow shade friendly fronds and endow the pool area with a tropical flair. Cooler climate dwellers should conversely choose dwarf trees planted farther away from the pool. Flowering trees are best planted down wind from the pool; however the issue of shedding trees can be avoided altogether if you plant low growing shrubs such as the spreading juniper.

Second, settle on ground covering for your pool area that minimizes the amount of dirt or sand that will make its way into the water. For non-walkway spaces, Artemisia is a great option for ground cover as its silvery tufts are low maintenance and bear intense sunlight. Low evergreen shrubs are another species of excellent ground cover. As an alternative to softscape, you may want to use rocks and stones for pool-side ground cover. Flag stones, for example, are perfect path components. Boulders can stud the pool area as fascinating points of hardscape interest.