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Driveways are not immediately thought of as part of landscape design, but they are certainly a feature that can bring additional functional and creative beauty to your home. Before altering or redoing your driveway altogether, take some time to ask yourself what overall effect you wish your driveway to have. Is your lawn large enough for a luxurious semicircle drive? Would a straight path be best for ushering in visitors? Consider both the shape of your front yard and the possible traffic that will be moving in and out of the driveway.

Next, think about whether you plan to line the drive with walls or flowerbeds. The entrance of your driveway, however, should not be covered with overhanging limbs. Planting encasings and walls can be constructed with natural stone and prefab.

Thirdly, consider whether the new driveway can withstand raking, shoveling, snow removal, plowing and salt scattering. Stone structures and plants should not get in the way of plows and daily traffic. However, don't hesitate to explore some driveway lining plants. Planting inexpensive annuals each spring on either side of the driveway will give your yard a splash of welcoming color in the summer. Annuals are not as colorful but are hardy from season to season.