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What is hardscape? Hardscape is any part of a landscape that is not a plant: decks, patios, rocks, stones, and driveways. These, though they may be architectural and functional, are just as much a part of the landscape as your plants!

Decks and patios are a great place to relax or entertain! If you plan to entertain, take into account the size and placement of chairs and tables. You don't want to leave any guests out! Typically, a patio or deck will be composed of a simple square or rectangle. Be sure to choose a shape and size that will complement the rest of your garden and home. After choosing the materials and shape, consider what plants you will use. Often times, patios or ground level decks will have plants around the perimeter. Consider balancing flowering times with spring and summer blooming flowers. Landscapers in colder climates might consider adding evergreens to the mix for perennial color.

Most folks wouldn't consider a driveway part of landscape design. Surely, the typical, drab rectangle of pavement isn't too inspiring. But why be limited to that!? Why not consider a semi-circular driveway, by which you can easily pull up to your house and drive through again with no inching back and forth? This type of driveway lends a novel edge over other homes. There are driveway landscaping options for all budgets and amounts of space. Another idea is to build walls that will help define flowerbeds. These will lend your driveway a beautiful and stable look.

On another note, stones and rocks are the perfect natural hardscape accessory for your landscape design. These can be used to create walls, pathways, and more. Pebbles are a big help to landscapers in arid climates where water is too scarce to sustain grass. Cacti welcome a surrounding spread of gravel. Flag stones are stable and aesthetically stimulating, coming in a variety of shades. These can be used for patios and walks. And finally, granite is among the world's most beautiful stones and can be sculpted into benches or tables that would look stunning in a garden landscape.